This website use technical cookies to its correct use and good user experience. This document give information about cookies utilization and similar Technologies, about their use on this specific website and about their management.


Cookies are little text files sent to user’s devices, where they are stored to be used again by website on next visit. Third partie’s cookies are insthead configured by different website, not the same visited by user. This why in every website can be present some elements stored on other server.

Kind of cookies

According to use and characteristics of cookies it’s possible to define different kinds of categories:

  • Technical cookies.
    Technical cookies are used only for make transmission of comunication on electronic network comunication (art. 122, comma 1 of Privacy Code). They are not used for different purpose and they are usually installed by website’s proprietor or maintainer. They can be navigation cookies and session cookies, to ensure correct use of website, analytics cookies, group with thechnical cookies, to take aggregated information about visitor number and traffic, functionality cookies, used for personalization of user navigation according to user preferences. For this cookies installation is not required prevent user consens, but it’s mandatory to inform user according to art. 13 of Privacy Code.
  • Profilation cookies.
    Profilation cookies are used to create user profile and send advertising according to user preferences and intresting. Due to particularry invasiveness that this object can have in personal life of people, european and italian regulations expect that user is properly informed about cookies use and expression of his valid agreement. Profilation cookies are regulated by art. 122 of Privacy Code, This website don’t use profilation cookies.

Third parties cookies

Using this website you can receive third parties cookies. In example social plugin like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, orembedded content visualization systems like Youtube or Flikr. It’s part generated by those websites and integrated in this website’s pages. Presence of this plugins involve cookies transmission from and to all site managed by third parties. Informations managing by third parties is reguled by it’s disclosures of reference. To ensure best transparency and comfort, here are urls of cookies management of different websites.

Facebook disclosures:
Facebook (setup): login to your account. Section privacy.
Twitter disclosures:
Twitter (setup):
Linkedin disclosures:
Linkedin (setup):
Youtube\Google+ disclosures:
Youtube\Google+ (setup):
Pinterest disclosures\setup
Flikr\Yahoo disclosures
Flikr\Yahoo (setup)

Analytics cookies

  • Webtrends: only for analyze and improve website performance we use market produt of statistics analysis to survey website’s traffic. This products can use cookies, permanent and not, to take statistics informations about “single users” of website. This cookies, called “Unique Visitor Cookies”, contain alphanumerical code that identify navigation device, but not else about personal information’s user.
  • Google Analytics: website include also components transmitted by Google Analytics, traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). This cookies are used only for analyze and improve website performance. For more information, look at this link: User can disable Google Analytics effect installing on his browser opt-out component provided by Google. For do that, look at the following link:

Cookie’s duration

Some cookies (session cookies) are active ultil browser’s closure or logout command. Other cookies keep alive after closing of browser and are available also in others user’s visits. This cookies, called persistent cookies, and their duration is defined by server at the moment of theri creation. In some case this cookies have expiration, in another one its life is unlimited.

Cookies management

User can decide if accept or not cookies using browser settings.
Attention: disable technical cookies, totally or partially, can compromise correct use of site.
Third parties cookies disabling not affect website usage.
Following you have some link to cookies configuration in most used browser:

Internet Explorer: