Intermodal transport

Mondial Express Group designs and creates specific flexible systems in order to satisfy customers’ needs all around the world.

Combining air, maritime and road services, our customers can rely on our intermodal transports saving time and money.

Road transport supplementation – especially express truck transport – allows us to create specific fast services of picking up and delivering, guaranteeing “Just in Time” services overseas too.

  • Available staff paying attention to transfers
  • Economic saving
  • Reliable and safe transports
  • Continuous tracking
  • Door-To-Door service provided by an expert and reliable staff

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Case study

International intermodal shipping

Cargo 20.000 tons of tubes covered in concrete
Departure France – Dunkerque
Destination Kazakistan – Kashagan
Shipping method Maritime and railway transport

Cargo: 20.000 tons of tubes covered in concrete

Departure: France – Dunkerque

Destination: Kazakistan – Kashagan

Shipping method: Maritime and railway transport

Mondial Express Group has transported tubes covered in concrete – for onshore and offshore connection – to Kashagan oil field, in Kazakhstan.

In order to transport 20.000 tons of goods, we used intermodal shipping: the departure took place in Dunkerque (France), by sea, towards Riga (Latvia).

Here, we managed all the harbor operations – loading on railway platform, documents needed in order to transport, customs clearance and mediation.

Moreover, we developed solutions for load stability in order to transport it to Kazakhstan.

The most demanded routes

We ship every kind of goods all around national and international territory. We have specialized in transports towards complex countries, like:


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