Maritime transport

With Mondial Express Group, maritime transport is more than mere goods shipping. We guarantee shipping feasibility study, precise information to the customer, safety, and definite transit time.

Thanks to our long-standing experience and to the specific knowledge of harbors, techniques,and regulations, we can offer personalized services in every part of the world. Considering quantities and typologies of goods shipped, we can choose the best maritime transport and select the best shipping company at competitive prices.

We offer a complete Door-To-Door maritime-transport service, both in import and export, thanks to our network of correspondents – which allows us to integrate different kinds of transport and logistics.

  • Door-To-Door service provided by an expert and reliable staff
  • Transit time monitored regularly
  • Great regularity in departures
  • Return periods are guaranteed
  • Competitive prices everywhere in the world
  • Goods transport is totally safe

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Case study

International container shipping

Destination Kosovo – Pristina
Destinazione Africa – Entrebbe (Uganda)
Shipping method Road transport with 50 trucks, ship transport


Departure: Kosovo – Pristina

Destination: Africa – Entrebbe (Uganda)

Shipping method: Road transport with 50 trucks, ship transport

The images in the video film the ship boarding of 100 containers for goods shipping towards the United Nations in Entebbe, Uganda. The transport has entirely been handled by Mondial Express.

The withdrawal was done with 50 trucks in Pristina (Kosovo) at the producing company, branch of a European company. The boarding in Durazzo, Albania.

The disembarkation was done in Mombasa (Kenya), from which Mondial Express travelled for 1500 kilometers more, in non-permissive territory, towards Entebbe, with 50 means more.

The most demanded routes

We ship every kind of goods all around national and international territory. We have specialized in transports towards complex countries, like:


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