National shipping

Mondial Express Group offers national road and intermodal transport services (road, railway, ferry with unaccompanied trailers) for every kind of goods – even food or ADR (refrigerated) – guaranteeing regular services of import and export in Italy.

Our staff is prepared and skilled, and has an over-30-year experience in the national shipping field. It will be able to manage every complex aspect of goods transport, finding the best solution to the customers’ needs.

The network of correspondents worldwide is able to plan, control, direct shipping from the beginning to the end of the process, providing a proper Door-To-Door logistics in order to guarantee a complete transport service.

We offer special prices for return loads on the north-south axis, and for optimized distribution with no transfers towards central and northern Italy.

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The most demanded routes

We ship every kind of goods all around national and international territory. We have specialized in transports towards complex countries, like:


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