Transports and shipping in Russia

We regularly ship non-returnable containers or off-shape equipment to Russia and the ex-Republics, to Tajikistan, on the border with Afghanistan, to Siberia and Mongolia.

In order to solve the problem of European tunnel dimensions, we transport the bulkiest cargos by road to the border with Ukraine or Belarus – to transfer them on Russian railway wagons, because Russian railways support up to more than 4 meters.

In case of railway shipping of exceptional dimension/weight, we offer:

  • Study of national and international routes and request of the needed wagons.
  • Loading and stowage on Italian or Russian wagons, according to the international railway regulations.
  • Request of the needed authorizations on the European route, or truck transport to Chop terminal (Ukraine) to load on Russian wagon.
  • Transfer from the European wagon to the Russian one, controlled by our terminal operator in Chop.
  • Photographic and insurance report of the successful transshipment.
  • 24-hours tracking.
  • Continuous geographic localization of the wagon.

Cargo shapes admitted by Russian railways are particularly suitable to (even heavy) machinery producers. Therefore, it is possible to reach every station, up to the most remote ones of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and of Ex-Soviet Republics.

What seems impossible to ship by truck can reach its destination in the majority of cases.

We offer also transports with non-returnable containers:

  • The rent is supplied by Vs to the railway terminal of arrival, and includes the cost of non-returnable containers – watertight and approved by FS.
  • Supply of High Cube, Open Top 8’6’’ and 9’6’’.
  • Possibility of welding anti-intrusion nettings.
  • Departures and pickups everywhere in Italy.
  • Controlled transfer on Russian wagon Zahony-Tschop.
  • 24-hours wagon tracking with emails to the customer.

In 1991, Mondial Express Group decided to use its experience and international trust in Eastern countries, basing on the many demands coming from customers operating on those markets.

It set an Office in Nyregihaza (Hungary), 20 kilometers from Ukraine, in order to have a “springboard” towards Ukraine, CIS and all the Soviet Republics beyond Urals, covering all Caucasus.

We studied competitors’ lacks and difficulties in order to inaugurate a new way of transporting – creating family-run “units”, economically controlled, and instructed by our staff.

Nowadays, we can count on a widespread network of partners located in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland, and Hungary, which allows us to organize transports of every kind of goods in less than 36 hours, with suitable delivers.

Since then, a proper department was created, in order to specialize in trailer and lorries personalized transports – it developed working in medium and little transport and shipping companies.

We are happy to being able to provide lorries of every dimension and payload to at least 40 international Italian shippers who appreciate celerity and affordability.

Moreover, we offer the possibility to use complete trucks 13.60 of the latest generation (sheeted, refrigerated, hung items) with satellite, when demanded. Basing on the real necessities of our customers, we are able to provide a range of services directly connected with the post-production process (storage, packaging, distribution).

  • Pick up and departures from all around Italy
  • Transport of every kind of goods in less than 36 hours
  • Customers clearance
  • Transfer on Russian wagon controlled by our terminal operators
  • Photographic and insurance report of the successful transshipment
  • 24-hour tracking

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