Transports and shipping to Iran

Mondial Express Group has been offering transport and shipping services in Iran since 1990 and has never consider it a “complex” country because it perfectly knows its vectorial, customs clearance, harbor system.

It is a country presenting great shippers, expert, and well-equipped carriers with modern fleets. The recent softening of the embargos, moreover, has reactivated demands.

Mondial Express Group has never “abandoned” road and maritime transports, and it is one of the first shippers chosen to transport equipment, “Project Cargo” project or urgent spares.

Every year we move dozens of trailers between Teheran and Tabriz (115 in the first 9 month of 2019), and we move hundreds of containers by sea, towards Banda Abbas harbor (88 since January 2016 to 30th October 2019).

  • Supply of every kind of vehicles
  • Customers clearance
  • Consultation, assistance, and local support
  • Possibility to prosecute towards Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan
  • Shipping tracking
  • Continuous transit time tracking

Customs clearance in Iran is well-organized, with electronical management. Import procedures, usually done by the addressee, are quite fast. In case of impossible direct customs clearance, trailers are unloaded in a large customs area.

It is mainly DAP (Delivered At Place). Terminals are organized in order to redeliver with fleets of every kind of means.

The efficient harbor terminal in Bandar Abbas allows to prosecute on the road towards other Euro-Asian destinations, like Afghanistan, where Mondial Express Group developed important relations in import and export.

We operate individually at Islam Qala terminal, where we advise to transfer in order to deliver in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and some places in Pakistan.

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