Air shipping

Mondial Express Group guarantees all the essential aspects of air shipping: celerity, safety, reliability, precise information, and competitive prices.

We understand our customers’ time necessities: our staff can meet every kind of need – an urgent air shipping or the delivery at the appointed time, for instance.

Our company’s internal organization allows us to have great flexibility, which is necessary in order to meet market requirements. We offer several kinds of consolidated services in relation to the greatest markets worldwide.

For air shipping of unusual dimension, or difficult ones, Mondial Express Group makes available a wide range of charter aircrafts.

  • Our consolidated services allow us to maintain economical prices
  • Faster transit time
  • Air shipping from and to the biggest markets worldwide
  • Charter aircrafts for air shipping of unusual dimension

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Case study

Fuselage air transport

Cargo Fuselage
Shipping method Air transport

Cargo: Fuselage



Shipping method: Air transport

Mondial Express Group is specialized in large shipping toward Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Middle East.

We often embark large machinery shipping on Antonov and Il76 – the largest airplanes transporting goods.

The image represents the embarkment of a fuselage in a spacious IL76.

The most demanded routes

We ship every kind of goods all around national and international territory. We have specialized in transports towards complex countries, like:


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