Full Truck Load or FTL

Full Truck Load consists in using one vehicle set up for goods transport in order to load one single cargo.

Our staff will be able to create the most specific and flexible solutions for customers’ shipping and demands, based on quantity and kind of goods transported, on destination and transit time.

Mondial Express Group offers a complete service in an exigent and competitive sector – from picking up goods at the sender’s, to delivering them at the addressee’s.

Moreover, our company assures regular specialized services in import and export, through its network of correspondents.

  • Vehicles exclusively transporting your own goods
  • Short waiting times
  • Cost optimization
  • Shipping tracking
  • Door-To-Door service provided by an expert and reliable staff

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The most demanded routes

We ship every kind of goods all around national and international territory. We have specialized in transports towards complex countries, like:


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